Rebecca + Zech

Hackney Town Hall

Rebecca and Zech were married at the CFT Cathedral in Woolwich, South East London. This vast building sits hundreds of guests and turns the wedding into a full blown show with a live band and a lot of singing. Such a fantastic venue to film an excellent London wedding video.

It was such a beautiful day and Rebecca looked simplyamazing. For this wedding the couple booked pre wedding interviews, a real favouite addition to any wedding video, where the couple can go even deeper into their story. We met a few weeks before the wedding and filmed some relaxed interviews in a park with Rebecca and Zech talking about their relationship, how they met and what they mean to each other. This adds a very personal and in depth story to the wedding video.

The wedding itself was so much fun, with fabulous music and dancing. Another wonderful London wedding video that was a real pleasure to be part of.